Since December 2019, 5% of Subluceo's profits have been donated to the mental health charity Studio Upstairs.

Studio Upstairs is a charity supporting people with mental health and emotional difficulties. Studio Upstairs believes in artistic practice as a valuable way to create meaning and purpose in life leading from isolation to community. Their mission is to provide holistic support so that people can re-create their reasons and purpose for living and experience a better quality of life.

Studio Upstairs has developed a proven, unique delivery model combining education and therapy in a community setting. Their studios are places where people are provided with a safe environment to pursue their creative talents, recover and maintain their health under the guidance of qualified art therapists. They have studios in Bristol, South London and North London.

I have chosen this charity to donate to as I felt a personal connection to their cause. I have a creative background and would often use painting and drawing as a release from my anxieties - this has now taken on the form of candle making! Candles are often used as part of ones self care routine. I'd like to offer support to others with their own self care and use my platform to raise awareness and give something back.

Click the link below to find out more and donate to this wonderful charity.

5% of profits are donated to charity.

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