Frequently asked questions

Subluceo Products

Why Subluceo?

We hand make high quality home products in small batches. Our aim is to give you a luxury experience at an affordable price. Everything is lovingly created in house by human hands. Our scents are inspired by nature and happy memories and are free from plastic, paraffin, parabens and pthalates.

Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Always! Our hand made candles and cruelty free home fragrance use the finest plant based materials and are certified cruelty free + vegan by PETA ®. We would never ever test on animals and neither do our suppliers.

Where are your products made?

By human hands in our SW London home studio.

How long do your products last?

Our three candle sizes each have a different approximate burn time. They will last longer if the candle care guide is followed Candles: Small: 20-25 hours; Medium: 30-35 hours; Large: 50 Hours Diffusers: 3/4 months if kept away from radiators and direct sunlight.


What’s inside your candles?

Responsibly sourced, 100% soy + coconut wax, fine fragrance and essential oils.

What fragrance oils do you use?

We use a mix of premium synthetic and natural oils. This is to give the best scent profile and to keep our products affordable and sustainable.

What is so great about wooden wicks?

Wooden wicks burn slower than cotton wicks and have a wider, striking flame. The wick crackles and flickers whilst it burns which gives off the cosy and ambient feeling of sitting by an open fire place. Wooden wicks bring more heat in to the flame which helps with the hot scent throw of the candle, this means the scent is realsed more quickly. We find the wooden wick crackle very relaxing to listen to!

Why won’t my candle won’t stay lit?

Wooden wicks need to be trimmed to 3-5mm before lighting. Each time you re-light your candle simply break of the black burnt part of the wick with a wick trimmer or gently with your fingers when cool. The candle will not stay lit without this step as the wood has already been burnt.

Why soy and coconut wax?

Soy + Coconut wax are both natural deriving from plants. They burn at a low temperature meaning your candle will last 30 - 50% longer than a paraffin alternative. Our wax is clean burning which means it does not release soot and toxins in to the environment, no black marks on your candle jars! Coconut is one of the most sustainable and premium waxes on the market. Our wax is a renewable source which is biodegradable and non GMO.

Does soy wax smell as strong as paraffin?

Candles using soy based wax will never smell as strong as man made alternatives such as paraffin as there are not chemical additives. We love soy based candles, they still give off a strong aroma but it is more subtle than paraffin. It creates a lovely atmosphere without being over powering.


What is your packaging made from?

Our product boxes are cardboard with a water based coating to protect the material. Our candle jars are glass with aluminium lids.

Can I recycle your packaging?

Yes! All of our packaging is recyclable, simply dispose of with your usual house hold recycling or re-use where possible.

Do you have a jar recycling policy?

Currently we do not have a recycling scheme. Those who live locally can return their jars to be re-used but unfortunately this is not effective country wide. We encourage you to re-use your jars at home. They make useful desk tidies and organisers.

What are your labels made from?

Our labels are made from a material called Teslin which is high performing and waterproof. The material is widely recyclable and biodegradable, it is a sustainable alternative to plastic.

Orders + Shipping

Do you deliver world wide?

Unfortunately at the moment we are only shipping within the UK due to Brexit.

Are your shipping materials recyclable?

Yes. Our boxes are made from FSC assured cardboard and can be recycled. We often re-use packaging materials to give them a new lease of life. Our packaging peanuts are made from potato starch and dissolve in water.

Can I change my address after the order has been placed?

Yes, if you have not received a dispatch notification. Contact us via email and we can advise whether or not we are able to change it.

Can I add a gift note to my order?

Of course! Simply add a note at the checkout.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk discount?

If you would like to become a stockist or are looking for our products for an event or celebration then please drop us an email for more information -

Which shipping method do you use?

We ship with Royal Mail tracked 48.